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Chapter Lead – Operations Services

Boston Consulting Group

BCG is a global consultancy with 35+ North America offices that partners with business leaders and society to solve industry-defining challenges.

Operations Services act as internal consultants and relationship managers to our internal clients around the firm to assist in providing outstanding service and operational excellence. This global team of ~100 drive impact through defining strategy and operational excellence; innovating, building and deploying digital tools and infrastructure; delivering expertise and operating model transformation; and enabling our local teams to maximize their effectiveness.

We are currently progressing an ambitious, multi-year change agenda to drive impact and scale, while improving the employee experience and mitigating risk for our increasingly complex customer base around the firm. We are renowned for our ability to partner across the BCG network to drive change and operations in a supportive, relevant and impactful manner.

Our Operations Services Leadership Team (OSLT) consists of an MDP and 5 Global Directors / Sr. Directors, each responsible for a functional area and leading a team spread across the world. Within Operations Services, the Operations Services Excellence Team (OSXT) supports and leads large complex strategic change programs for Operations Services in close partnership with the OSLT, and delivers the digital product infrastructure and innovation to enable this change. The Operations Services Digital Products Tribe Leader reports to the Director of the OSXT.

To realize our digital transformation, we need to transform our products, experiences, processes, technology and how we operate. Delivering our clients unrivalled experience of exceptional service, value and flexibility is part of our DNA. We are looking for people who are passionate about Agile ways of working and want to spread this approach within our teams and business processes.

To execute this transformation, we need people who take the lead in defining standards and guardrails of working and developing expertise within the chapter. Chapter Leads will optimize the deployment of Chapter members across Squads and line-manage Chapter members to guide and develop of their skills and expertise

As a Chapter lead, you will blend deep domain expertise with a passion for coaching and developing people. You will directly oversee a team of Chapter members, who will be embedded in Squads but report to you as their line manager. You will help them grow and develop in their area of expertise and ensure alignment on the “how” of the work they perform in Squads. You will serve as a “player-coach,” spending part of your time embedded in a Squad yourself. You will work as a Squad Member in your domain of expertise, helping to advance the work and using your experience to maximize Squad performance. You will also be committed to maintaining and developing your own expertise and knowledge to ensure that you and your Chapter members bring the latest thinking to your roles.

Among your responsibilities, you will:
Continuously develop Chapter expertise
Maintaining best-in-class Chapter expertise and resources in order to deliver the right knowledge and skills to Squads
Staying abreast of relevant developments and innovations in domain area, both internally and externally
Maintaining your own technical knowledge through learning and continuous improvement

Develop Chapter members and the Chapter as a whole
Overseeing, providing feedback, and developing Chapter members to help improve domain knowledge and better serve the Squads in which they work
Discussing Chapter development progress and opportunities with the Tech Area Lead

Share knowledge and expertise within and outside of the Chapter
Ensuring the “how” of the work performed by Chapter members is aligned with established technical roadmaps and guardrails to drive strategy
Sharing relevant insights and developments within area of expertise with Chapter members and related Chapters
Actively sharing knowledge and expertise across the organization with other Chapters

Identify resource needs throughout the organization
Engaging Product Owners, Tribe Leads, and Tech Area Leads to allocate Chapter members and ensure Squads have proper technical resourcing and functional expertise
Identifying expertise and resource gaps and training or hiring the talent needed to

address them
Work in a Squad to realize its mission
Advancing the work of the Squad based on items in the backlog and priorities set by the Product Owner
Sharing expertise with Squad members and working cross-functionally to advance the work of the Squad

Enable the organization’s new way of working


Inspiring and motivating your team
Comfortable with both planning and execution
Influencing the organization through thought leadership that shapes technical demand
Committing to cross-functional collaboration to achieve the best results for
the organization
Enjoying coaching and developing people to improve their performance, knowledge
and expertise
Are intellectually curious and enjoy learning new skills and capabilities (e.g., Agile principles and technology platforms)
* Bring a data-driven approach to decision making, both in day-to-day management and in making strategic trade-offs

• Total 7+ years’ relevant experience, including a proven track record in a management position, leading large cross-functional teams and solving complex problems for business functions with significant business impact
• Proven track record of leading through influence, building long-term relationships and confidence building vision, roadmaps, budgets, priorities and objectives
• Good understanding of technology enabled business transformation, Digital transformation, Organizational transformation, delivering enterprise-level IT and Digital projects
• Financial literacy and ability to understand how budgets and funding processes impact the Chapter’s work
• Deep knowledge of their area of expertise, being referents among colleagues and with ability to go one step further
• Knowledge of Agile Methodologies and ways of working (Scrum, XP, Devops…), understanding and applying “servant leader” mindset and with the ability to engage in Agile ceremonies to provide teams necessary direction and guidance
• Exceptional communications and stakeholder management skills
• Entrepreneurial spirit and comfort working within rapidly changing environment
• Experience in consulting is a plus

• Your whole Chapter, by setting their direction, establishing objectives and key results, working on the staffing and development of your chapter, and ensuring that you maximize outputs and working products
• Tribe Leaders, with whom you shall work to manager chapter resources and ensure a positive collaboration
• Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters, that will ensure that you adopt agile principles, mindset and ways of working into your daily routine and who will coach you during the transformation

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Chapter Lead – Operations Services

To apply for the job click here

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Boston Consulting Group

BCG is a global consultancy with 35+ North America offices that partners with business leaders and society to solve industry-defining challenges.

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