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Systems Engineer, AWS Direct Connect


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Job summary
Amazon Web Services Direct Connect is a unique software defined network that provides customers a dedicated network connection from their on-premise network to the cloud. Building and scaling the largest customer facing network in the world comes with unique challenges and we are always looking for solid engineers to assist us in this endeavor. We’re looking for systems development engineers who are experienced in system engineering, system automation, operational posturing, and system analysis.

This position will be part of the Amazon Direct Connect team in the Herndon, VA office. The team is responsible for a variety of networking products that help ensure AWS customers have a great experience. Our problem spaces range from the development of customer facing network features, building tools to support our current growth and scale, network monitoring, and software development all while being built inside the AWS ecosystem. We want someone who’s enthusiastic about the potential of cloud computing, networking and about building simple, robust system management systems. The ideal candidate will have passion and talent for solving complex problems of scalability and availability in massively distributed system.

You’ll be part of a world-class team in a fast-paced environment that has the entrepreneurial feel of a start-up. This is an opportunity to operate and engineer systems on a massive scale, and to gain top-notch experience in software defined networking and cloud computing. You’ll be surrounded by people who are smart, passionate about cloud computing, and believe that world class service is critical to customer success. You will work along side some of the best software and network development engineers in the world, helping to continue design and deliver the Direct Connect product. You’ll know what it means to operate, scale, and posture the largest customer facing cloud network in the world. You will measure your success and it will be visible.

Key job responsibilities
Automate network operations and deployment tasks by creating and maintaining existing software components.

Design systems management solutions using automation and self-repair rather than relying on alarming and human intervention.

Understand how commodity servers, operating systems, and networks functions perform and scale.

Possess excellent troubleshooting and problem analysis skills.

Drive technical innovation and efficiency in infrastructure operations via automation.

Create processes that enhance operational workflow and provide positive customer impact.

Dive deep to resolve problems at their root, looking for failure patterns amenable to long-term solutions via simplification and automation.

Avoid re-inventing the wheel and develop simple, repeatable solutions and processes

Recognize and adopt best practices in documentation, testing, security, operational support at scale, and efficient use of resources.

Develop appropriate metrics to demonstrate performance at improving operational efficiency.


B.S. Degree with 3+ years experience in Systems Engineering Roles


Networking experience with routers and switches. Knowledge of standard internet protocols (Ethernet, ARP, IP, ICMP, SSL, DNS, HTTP, etc.) Meets/exceeds Amazon’s leadership principles requirements for this role Meets/exceeds Amazon’s functional/technical depth and complexity for this role.

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Systems Engineer, AWS Direct Connect

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Our mission: To be Earth's most customer-centric company.

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