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Environmental Expert

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Associates in Development (AiD) Pvt. Ltd. is an international consulting organization with its Head Office in Islamabad, Pakistan and affiliated offices in the UK and the US. Established in 1992, the firm provides development and management consulting services in the areas of 1) Engineering and Infrastructure, 2) Social Sectors and 3) Environment. Widely respected for high quality multi-disciplinary work, our clients include large multi-lateral and bi-lateral donor organizations, major public sector agencies, and a varied range of globally active consulting and contracting firms. Geographically, the company work spans all four provinces of Pakistanincluding Newly Merge Districts (NMD’s) of EX-FATA, Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK), Gilgit Baltistan


Project Background

The Government of Pakistan has designed and initiated a six-year project titled “Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Irrigated Agriculture Improvement Project (KP-IAIP)” through the PIU KP- IAIP Directorate General OFWM Agriculture Department. KP-IAIP is aligned with the National Water Policy and the KP Agriculture Policy and Strategy (2015 -25), and aims “to improve the performance of irrigated agriculture on smallholder farms in its implementation area”. The key objectives will be achieved through: a) improving on-farm water management system by upgrading watercourses, introducing advanced irrigation technologies, and strengthening capacity of communities, farmers, and OFWM staff; and b) increasing agriculture productivity as well as promoting agro-processing and value addition.



Seniority level

Job Description


Environmental Expert

Key Expert

  • Technically assist the team in the design of M&E methodology pertaining to review of compliance to approved project ESMF
  • Assist the M&E team in developing ESMF compliance review questionnaires
  • Conduct sample-based site visits to assess adherence to ESMF guidelines
  • Assist with quality assurance of data collection process and descriptive analysis of data related to ESMF compliance review
  • Conduct primary data collection with senior institutional stakeholders at the provincial and district levels, including at the impact assessment studies
  • Lead the delivery of technical sessions in trainings of field data collection staff and KP-IAIP’s implementation teams
  • Participate in the meetings with client to present the key findings related to ESMF compliance

Expected salary:

Job date: Sat, 24 Sep 2022 00:16:38 GMT

To apply for the job click here

To apply for the job click here

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