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XPATH and CSS locators for Selenium

This course will help you to find and optimize XPATH and CSS locators for your automation tests

About me

My name is Ostap I have more than 12 years of experience in test automation. I have prepared a short but well-structured and informative course about XPATH, and CSS locators. It will be helpful for beginner and developing test automation engineers who want to use stable and optimal locators for their tests. If you work with web or mobile applications – you know that finding a good and stable locator can cost you a lot of time and effort and even that does not guarantee that the locator will work after some changes in DOM. This course will help you to understand and get some experience working with locators.

You will find answers to the following questions:

– what is a locator?

– why do we need locators?

– what is the difference between XPATH and CSS?

– how to find and verify locators?

– how to use Dev Tools?

– how to use Dev Tools console to find XPATH and css locators?

– how to use the features and functions of XPATH?

– how to build locators using XPATH, CSS and other types of locators?

– how to find and optimize locators for complex elements

– how to search elements by text, partial text

– how to search using logical operators?

– how to search elements by children, ancestors, what is XPATH axis?

– why the relative path is better than the absolute?

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