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WordPress 5 Course

WordPress 5: Create Beautiful Responsive, Secure, WordPress website with Gutenberg editor and new properties.

You can EARN MONEY by just learning how to use WordPress 5 professionally!!

WordPress is a CMS – Content Management System that is built with PHP and MySQL mainly. But you should think not only a blog system but with plugins and widgets WordPress is a stand-alone platform.

It is the most preferred CMS because, Google indexes its pages with high success rates and the page speed of WordPress is really fast.

There are some major plugins to turn your WordPress site into an E-Commerce site or Social Media Platform, with WooCommerce or BuddyPress. You can also create a Blog site or a Business Site for your company or for your client’s companies.

In this course, we will be investigating and learning WordPress in every way possible. Gutenberg is the new WordPress 5 editor that will be part of the new version of WordPress 5 on November 19, 2018. A WordPress 5 editor with a more intuitive user experience and design features of a page builder style interface. Gutenberg, new design concepts and user-friendly interface will contribute to your progress in this field.

First of all, you should have an understanding about Domain and Hosting subjects.

Then you will learn how to upload your WordPress files to your hosting and create a database for WordPress. After that, you will learn to install your WordPress. Now you can learn how to optimize its settings, use its admin interface. Work with pages, posts, categories, user settings, theme or plugin settings…

You will also learn how to buyinstall and use  premium templates and plugins.

There are some special lectures that you will learn securitybackup or authorization plugins and how to use them.

We will have some bonus lectures for showing the blog contents on social media automaticallylanguage settings and site performance measuring and boosting up the site speed and securitymultilanguage and some other surprises will be waiting for you in this course.

If you are ready, lets start our course!!

Are you here because you want to build your own blog or a corporate website for your business? Maybe you need an e-commerce site?


This course will give you step by step instructions on how to uploadinstall and use WordPress professionally, with templatesplugins and widgets.

By the end of this course you will be able to create awesome wordpress sites for youyour company or for your clients.

You CAN,

start your freelance webmaster carrier today with WordPress,

and start earning money now!!!

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