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Webassembly OpenCV Apache Cordova

Minimalist practical approach to create complex mobile apps using Webassembly OpenCV and Cordova.Course ends with app.

In this course you will learn how to write mobile apps.

We will use Linux and create android app in multiplatform framework.

Basic web building skills are required.

You don’t need Android Studio or Eclipse or any heavy IDE.

Hardware requirements: 2GB RAM 16GB HD

Ubuntu 18.04 Desktop

Webassembly – runs code faster in web browser

OpenCV  – Computer Vision Library

Apache Cordova – multiplatform mobile app building framework

This course ends with fully working app that detects edges in video stream.

Course consists of three sections.

Section 1 Basic installation and configuration  for simple apps (1-7)

Section 2 OpenCV and Webassembly installation and configuration  (8-16)

Section 3 Creating simple demo app (17-23)

1 Npm and Cordova installation.

2 Project creation and jdk download.

3 Oracle registration info

4 Java installation

5 Accept all licenses

6 Install android packages and gradle

7 Building app using cordova to check installation

8 Install cmake and other requirements

9 Webassembly download and install

10 Check emcc

11 Build opencvjs

12 Adding plugins to project

13 Optional step vim install and config

14 config.xml

15 index.html

16 Google chrome install and adb basics

17 Index.js adding init

18 Camera permissions

19 Finding back camera

20 Checking OpenCV is ready for use

21 Starting video

22 Filtering to find edges

23 Final build

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