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Velo by Wix Part 2: User Inputs and Data Basics

Learn your way around Wix user input fields and the basics of databases

This is the second of a 3 part course in Velo for Wix which will teach you the following:

  • familiarity with the editor and environment,

  • variable declaration and assignment,

  • logical operators such as if, and, or and else statements,

  • custom function creation and usage,

  • user input for short text,

  • user input validation,

  • user input for long text,

  • user input for radio buttons,

  • user input for dropdown boxes,

  • user input for multiple checkboxes,

  • user input for single checkboxes,

  • user input for dates,

  • user input for files and images,

  • validation for user inputs,

  • setting up a database,

  • ways to populate a database e.g. manually, importing a file or through a form,

  • displaying data from a database with repeaters,

  • dynamic pages for displaying detailed data from a database,

  • allow users to sort repeaters,

  • allow users to filter repeaters,

  • allow users to filter repeaters by more than one criteria,

  • display a message to users if their filter search returns no results,

  • and lots lots more!

This is a foundational, step-by-step course designed for absolute beginners in Wix who wish to learn coding skills.

What is Velo? Velo is an open development platform that accelerates the way you build web applications. Velo by Wix opens up endless possibilities for how you can customize your website or application. To get the most out of Velo you should familiarize yourself with all of its features. You can then decide how to “mix-and-match” the different functionalities to make them work for you.

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