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The Journey to Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Specialization

Future-Proof Organizations through Diversity. The guide to understand diversity, and drive inclusion and belonging in an organization.
This Specialization aims to explore the different existing diversities, the basic demographic categories, such as: gender, race, disabilities, age, or sexual orientation as well as experiential and cognitive diversities.

It also analyzes each form of diversity, how they were formed in the past and how they act in today’s organizations.

In addition, it gives the learner the opportunity to gain abilities to deal with unconscious bias and to learn how to include everyone in a team.

Finally, it focuses on how to create safe spaces of belonging in an organization.

Applied Learning Project
The courses feature a combination of graded quizzes to test and remember key learnings, as well as peer-review assignments with the goal of implementing the tools learned in an organizational context. The assignments were created by experts to encourage students to reflect on their own experience in organizations with diversity.

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