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The Beginning Guide to Microsoft Access 2013

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Microsoft Access 2013 Beginning

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If you wish to prepare for Certification Exam 77-424:  Microsoft Office Access 2013 this course will help you build the skills and knowledge you need.

  • Step-by-step video demonstrations
  • Companion eBook with detailed instructions
  • Sample databases
  • Practice, Quizzes and Skill Test

 All materials for this program are available online.

The following resources are available to download throughout the lessons:

  • Beginning Guide to Microsoft® Access 2013 
  • Microsoft Access 2013 Beginning Sample files

In Microsoft Access, you’ll cover basic through advanced topics, including:

  • Learn how to navigate the online course and submit your assignments
  • Understand the purpose of Tables and how they are used in a database
  • Edit the Form Properties to help Users navigate the Form Fields and enter data
  • Learn how to design Queries and use Queries to lookup records in the Tables
  • Use Query Criteria and Parameter Queries to select specific records in the Tables
  • Learn how to design and modify Reports in Layout and Design Views
  • Learn how to manage Database files: Save and Save As

The Microsoft Access 2013 Certification Training Program is part of the Microsoft Business Certification program: Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS). MOS certification is the globally recognized standard for validating expertise with the Microsoft Office 2013 suite. 

Students who wish to prepare for Microsoft Certification Exam 77-424:  Microsoft Office Access 2013 will find beginning through advanced lessons that demonstrate these required MOS topics.

 This course teaches the objectives for the following certification tests:

Expert Certification:

Access® 2013: Exam 77-424

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