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The Art of Doing: A Beginners Look at Android Studio

Begin your Android development journey today!

Have you always wanted to make your own mobile apps but never knew where to begin?  Consider taking this FREE course which will start you on your journey to making your own Android applications using Android Studio.  We will walk through all the steps to get Android Studio up and running on your computer, virtual emulators created for you to test your apps, and even set up physical devices for you to use as well so you can take your apps with you and show them off to friends and family.

The focus of this FREE course will then be to explain what Android Studio creates for you when you open up a new project.  We will take a look at the files created and explain what each file does and how they work together to get an app to load on your mobile device.  In particular we will explore:

  • The Manifest

  • The Main Activity

  • The Layout

  • Various Lifecycle Methods of the Main Activity Using Logcat

Try this course out for free to get a foundational knowledge, and if you are interested in continuing, you can purchase the full course which is previewed in our last video.  Thank you for considering taking the course and all the best!

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