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Text View Deep Dive in SwiftUI 3 & iOS 15

Explore all there is SwiftUI’s Text View has to offer

SwiftUI has lots of modifiers and views that can help with easier app development for iOS apps. 

In this course we will take a deep dive into SwiftUI Text view including SwiftUI 3 and iOS 15. 

We will start with basic text modifiers which will include font, line limit, truncation mode, font styling etc. From there we will go on advance topics like kerning, tracking, font design, line spacing, scale factor.

We will look at dynamic font and text view’s behavior around dynamic font resizing to support for better accessibility. We ill also cover multiline text alignment behavior, baseline offset, custom fonts for both preloaded fonts and fonts that can be imported into the project and can be used inside the project. 

We will learn about images and their behavior in Text, how to format strings inside text view and support them for dynamic fonts.

We will look at all the new features added in SwiftUI 3 and iOS 15 for Text view which includes, Markdown support, Attributed String, newly added capabilities for Dynamic Type support and text selection for system based context menu so text can be copied.

So join me for this course and let’s explore Text View in depth with SwiftUI and iOS.

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