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Spreadsheet Data query from JavaScript Frontend Code AJAX

Use JavaScript to connect to your Google Spreadsheet data Query your Sheet data using JavaScript output to webpage

Explore how you can connect to your Google Sheets Spreadsheet using JavaScript.  Use your sheet data on your webpage query your sheet content and output it to web pages.

Recent changes to Spreadsheet data output now allows you to use your Google Sheet Data similar to a Database where you can query the data and return the results.  This is a perfect coding solution for frontend developers to get access to data, with AJAX retrieve JSON data and output it to web pages.   Data is live from your Google Spreadsheet, retrieve the data and output it on the page.

Fast paced lessons that are designed for those with previous JavaScript experience! 

Objective of the lessons is to provide example code as to how you can use AJAX to connect to your Google Spreadsheet data and query the sheet data from the Frontend JavaScript code.  No server, no backend coding no database required.

Taught by an instructor with many years of web development experience ready to help you learn more about JavaScript and Google Sheets.

Several students had asked me for a set of lessons to show how to connect to Google Sheets and return the results with AJAX to their web pages.  This course contains all the source code and step by step lessons to make an AJAX request for Sheet data.

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