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Simple Blogging Analytics Dashboard in Python

Build a small data pipeline in Python by scraping a blog.

This video series will walk through building a simple blogging analytics dashboard in Python

Here is a synopsis of each video:

  1. Talks about the project and data pipeline

  2. Talks about web scraping basics

  3. Shows how to scrape one blog article

  4. Shows how to scrape all the blog articles in one category

  5. Shows how to scrape all the blog articles in all the categories

  6. Shows how to compute basic analytics

  7. Shows basic design and front-end development

  8. Shows how to setup a Flask sever

  9. Shows how to deploy the app to Heroku

  10. Explores further improvements to the pipeline

Everything in the project is done manually to show the steps between. I plan to upload a 2nd version that shows how to automate the entire pipeline.

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