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Simple Android App development using Kotlin

Making Android Applications

In this course, you will learn to make simple Android apps in Android studio using Kotlin programming language. the course consists of three basic apps or games which totally will be 5 lectures. you need to have basic programming skills to take this course.

you will learn how to design a good app by designing an app. you need to have Kotlin programming knowledge to take this course. you will learn how to use android types and available functions and you will make an application in android studio using Kotlin.

The course consists of those apps as shown below:

1. Find my age app

2. Tic Tac Toy Game

3. Calculator app

Begin with finding my age simply user provide a year of birth and then get my age as result. Secondly, Tic Tac Toy game that is played between two players or players and device which will be by choosing buttons to win the game according to game rules which players choose sequential rows or columns or diagonal buttons with same player choices will lead to winning the game. The last simple calculator will be designed to describe the parts need to make it and how to start with it and order it in a specific way to get the best shape of it.

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