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Salesforce Lightning Drag & Drop App Development

Salesforce Lightning App Development No Coding Crash Course

This short course will give you a Boost to learn Salesforce Lightning App Development and you will start creating Lightning Apps in 30 Minutes.

This course broadly covers the:

  • Introduction to Salesforce

  • Features and Components of Salesforce

  • What Salesforce Lightning is

  • Build App Faster with Zero (0) Coding with Salesforce Lightning Components and Drag & Drop functionality.

By Attending this course and by following a 15 Minutes of Demo Project in this course, you will instantly become a hero of Salesforce Lightning App Development. And You will get a certificate from Udemy that you can show to your current or new employer that you are now a champion of Salesforce Lightning App Development.

This course is for any one who is interested in learning basic to advance lightning concepts.

This course is for any one who is keen on learning fundamental to propel lightning ideas. We will fabricate a wide range of kinds of parts with live models. There will be numerous conversation of different assets to empower you for making part. We will examine about different troubleshooting ability and ways of investigating lightning part . Lightning test administration and its course of establishment and use detail conversation of lightning application manufacturer instructions to get to Salesforce asset and information for Aura lightning part itemized conversation of lightning occasions for correspondence covered all ideas of lightning part advancement.

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