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Salesforce Integration Training Overview

Get the basic understanding and introduction of Salesforce Integration

This is an overview and an introductory video towards Salesforce Integration. You can refer to our other course which covers the full course on the below contents. In this introductory video we only cover Salesforce Overview.

Salesforce Integration Masterclass with Case Studies

This course is great for Salesforce Developers who are interested to learn about integrating Salesforce with External Systems. Anyone who is working on salesforce ecosystem can do this course.

What Is Salesforce Integration?

Salesforce integration is the process of merging the data and functionality of Salesforce with another application to provide users with a single unified experience. It allows you to provide your team with an ideal mix of features pertaining to both platforms.

Salesforce users often face the issue of reconciling data between two platforms and switching between them while performing specific activities. Salesforce integration relieves them from this problem and provides them with a centralized platform to work on.

For example, Salesforce PayPal integration would allow you to use your Salesforce org as a payment gateway. Similarly, Salesforce Twilio integration would streamline your communication processes with your clients.

Salesforce Integration Processes

There are two major approaches to carry out the process of Salesforce integration – App-based and code-based.

· Salesforce Integration Overview

· Salesforce to Salesforce Integration

· JSON Format

· JSON Generator

· JSON Parser

· JSON Parser Deserialization

· Postal Pincode API / Use case

· Weather Map API Integration / Use case

· Rest Web Services Overview

· Creating Web Services

· Oauth Username password and flow overview

· Oauth Username password Use case

· Future Callout with Oauth

· Email Services

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