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Robot Framework | Step-by-Step for Beginners

Learn Robot Framework from scratch

This course is created for complete beginners. 

Robot Framework with Eclipse | Step-by-Step for Beginners

If you want to learn Robot Framework from scratch, this course is for you. Very basic step by step video guides to take you from knowing nothing on Robot Framework to developing a project for Test Automation.

In this course we will learn:

  • What is Robot Framework

  • How to install and setup Robot Framework

  • How to install Python (Mac & Windows)

  • Eclipse IDE for Robot Framework

  • Setup RED robot editor – plugin on eclipse

  • Create your first Robot Framework project

  • Create your first Robot Framework test

  • First Selenium test in Robot Framework

  • Learn Variables

  • Keywords

  • Tags

  • Setup & Teardown

  • Reports and logs

  • How to run from command line

  • How to use Jenkins for Continuous Integration

  • And much more…

Do not worry if you have never used Robot Framework earlier. I will guide you from scratch.
Let’s Get Started…

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