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Programming for Structural Engineers (Part 2&3 – JSON & API)

Go from zero programming experience to creating and solving structural models with Python and JavaScript!

Welcome to SkyCiv’s Introduction to Programming, for Structural Engineers. We’re going to be teaching the basics and more advanced skills you need, to solve real-life structural engineering problems using code. This course is perfect for students, or practicing engineers interested in upskilling or automating workflows using code or API technology. The course is made of three sections. This course contains the second and third parts, while the first part can be found in a separate course.

  • The first part covers the basics of programming, including; variables, arrays, loops, functions, and other tools of programming, all through the lens of a real structural engineering problem.

  • The second part will look at more advanced concepts like setting up your Python and Javascript environments, sending and receiving HTTP requests and JSON objects.

  • Finally, we’ll put all this together and look at advanced functionality via the SkyCiv Structural Analysis and Design API.

From these courses, you’ll learn:

  • Basic programming training, using the Python and Javascript languages

  • How to set up a coding environment, with industry-leading software and tools

  • What an API is and how to connect to them

You’ll also receive:

  • 30 days of free access to the SkyCiv API

  • LinkedIn Endorsements for related skills from the instructors and the CEO of SkyCiv

  • A real solution you can use for your Portfolio

This course will equip you with the skills you need to combine programming and structural engineering. Programming is becoming an essential skill in our industry, so if you have an interest in programming – you can really set yourself apart. Increase your value to companies and the industry by learning this essential skill.

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