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Pipe Stress Engineering Fundamentals

Teach those involved with piping systems the basics of material stresses and stress compliance checks in piping systems.

In this course, you will learn more about material stresses in piping systems.

Topics Include:

  • Pipe Stress Engineering basics,

  • Stress definitions in piping,

  • Know the relevant material stresses in piping and their equation,

  • Know how 3D stress states are linked to a single stress allowable value,

  • Stress failure criteria: Von Misses, Tresca & Rankine,

  • Mohr’s circle & principal stresses.

Course content:

1.1 – Stress directions in piping
1.2 – Stress due to Pressure
1.3a – Rapid Fire Questions
1.3b – A deeper understanding
1.4 – Radial stress
1.5 – Forces & moments on a pipe segment
1.6 – Stress versus strain definitions
1.7 – Mohr’s circle & principal stresses
1.8 – Stress failure criteria: Von Misses, Tresca & Rankine
1.9 – Defining stress as per the ASME B31.3 design code

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