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Microsoft Power BI Admin Training

In this course you will learn How to Setup an Office 365 E5 Account, How to get a Power BI Pro License & assign it

Power BI administration is the management of the organization-wide settings that control how Power BI works. Users that are assigned to admin roles configure, monitor, and provision organizational resources. There are several roles that work together to administer Power BI for your organization. Most admin roles are assigned in the Microsoft 365 admin center or by using PowerShell. Power BI admins work mostly in the Power BI admin portal. You should, however, be familiar with related tools and admin centers

Users in Power BI admin and Power Platform admin roles have full control over org-wide Power BI settings and administrative features, except for licensing. Once a user is assigned the admin role, they can access the Power BI admin portal. There, they have access to org-wide usage metrics, and can control org-wide usage of Power BI features. These admin roles are ideal for users who need access to the Power BI admin portal without also granting those users full Microsoft 365 administrative access

In this Course you will learn

  • How to Setup an Office 365 E5 Account?

  • How to get a Power BI Pro License??

  • How to assign Power Bi  Pro License ?

  • How to check power bi user license?

  • What is Workspace in Power BI and How it Works?

  • What are Minimum Hardware Requirements to Installing Power BI Data Gateway?

  • How to Install Power BI Data Gateway in On-Premises & Connect  SQL Database?

  • What is Featured Content /Dashboard  in Power BI?

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