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MATLAB Plotting Techniques

From Basic to Advanced

This free course will show you techniques to make high quality plots using MATLAB. Even without any knowledge and coding skills, you can finish this is short course within 1 day and start making high quality figures for your work and study. You will learn how to make:

  • High quality 2D, 3D line plots.

  • High quality 2D, 3D scatter plots.

  • High quality 2D, 3D surface/contour plots.

  • Export high quality (600 dpi) figures for your journal/conference papers and reports.

  • Special techniques for formatting axis, axis labels, font type, font size, etc are also provided

  • Advanced (ready for use) functions for scatter plots, surface/contour plots are discussed and provided for personal use.

  • Special colormap (different with MATLAB colormap library) to make fancy plots are also provided.

  • Source codes including all plotting functions will be provided for your personal use.

  • Useful documents such as lecture notes will also be provided.

This course is highly recommended for students and engineers who need to make figures for their reports/papers/thesis during their work. People who are interested in FEA and CFD studies are also recommended to attend this free short course. During the course, plots that are highly related FEA/CFD problems are also presented.

Please feel free to contact me for more information about plotting techniques in MATLAB and my FEA courses.

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