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Master of Prayers : In-depth Prayer Analysis

Processing Prayers

Develope processing skills through the development of prayers.

Hello, my name is Alin and I am an author of prayer books.

I will teach you how to develope prayers based on problems and how to analyze the request.

We will verify status, a self description is needed, time when you saw flaws in others has passed, during

this it is easy to make not just a proper image of self, but now you are able to analyze your construction, behaviour,

needs and why and towards what are you tempted to.

So why it is happening in an order that first it seems you cannot control.Some make morning prayers requesting God

to make sure and protect a schedule or that nothing interferes with the goal of the day.

This works, and in some cases along with the morning prayers you trigger an expectation that is tangent to an act of

“lets verify if your morning prayer is working”

Do not fear, you will gain full responsability if and when you communicate with Lord Jesus or God. I want to

underline that it doesn’t hurts and it doesn’t hurts to socialise with others even knowing that your daily

program contains also prayers. I mean, you can use technology to make comparison between prayers, like a computer and after you write

them down you will observe minimum similarity and an advancement. Building your relationship with God is based on love.

Prayer to a higher lever is also love.

What is the key?

By respecting laws automatically, lets you acces a focus state from which you start to construct your prayers, you are active,

you have more than faith.

you ask yourself:”What am I gonna do with prayers?”

Aware and Management of Achievement Progress in you and others.

Prayers can range from a letter , to full Script Analysis. Do not be stressed about the prayer length, enjoy the focus state

of directly developing and generating the prayer.

Imagine God of that best friend CEO teacher there to share ideas.

Thank you and I’ll see you in the further lessons.

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