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Make your GitHub Profile stand out

How to customise your GitHub Profile

Thank you for signing up to my free course on how to make your GitHub Profile Stand Out.

I have created a short free course on how to make your GitHub profile stand out through customisation.

When you first create your GitHub account you will see that this comes with a standard profile, which is marginally customised by your activity and organisations you belong to.

However given the millions of GitHub users, this will not make you stand out.

Why not take advantage of GitHub’s special repo which allows you to fully customise your profile? By doing so, you will be able to add your social links, more information about you, as well as dynamic content (such as your latest blog posts and You Tube videos).

In this course we will cover:

  • How to get started: how to create a free GitHub account and special repo;

  • Markdown: a deep dive into the formatting which underpins everything on GitHub;

  • Dynamic data: using third party widgets to visualise your activity in graphical format, and a light touch on getting started with GitHub Actions.

Remember: your GitHub profile is a living project. You will not get this perfect first time and it is important to take that first step to customise it.

Throughout this course I will give you the tools to continue improving your GitHub Profile. You can then continue making use of these skills in other repositories, raising issues and pull requests.

A fully customised GitHub profile will definitely increase your visibility and give you that ‘wow factor’ for employers, clients and your peers.

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