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Make a 2D game in Unity3D

Code your own Unity Game!

We will make a game based on an old Apple II game called Sabotage. In the process we will cover several helpful skills in Unity.

  • Learn the coordinate system for GameObjects

  • Turn images into Sprites and control them on the screen

  • Read the mouse position and convert it into rotational value

  • Change the pivot point for sprites (images)

  • Creating Sprite prefabs and Instantiating them

  • Creating smooth movements using Time.deltaTime

  • Using Tags to organize GameObjects and overcoming limitations of prefabs

  • Creating child GameObjects to join Sprites together

  • Creating particle systems and sub-emmiters

  • Creating UI text fields for keeping score

  • Adjusting UI canvas to fit the game area

  • Adding sounds to GameObjects

  • Creating stand-alone game sound objects

You won’t even realize you learned these things because you will be having so much fun!

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