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Learn SQL from Basic

A comprehensive course to teach you how to complete SQL queries

SQL (Structured Query Language) is the language we use to interact with databases that store data. This allows us to retrieve data with ease and simplicity. In this course, you will learn how to create a database, how to add, delete and modify tables in a database, how to add data, delete data, modify data in tables. How to retrieve data based on user requirements.

If you don’t know anything about databases and SQL then don’t worry. You will learn from scratch in this course. After completing this you get a brief idea of how to work with databases in the professional field.

In this course we will cover the following topic:

  1. Introduction To SQL ( This part cover what is SQL, what can SQL do, what are the different subordinate language of SQL and different command in SQL )

  2. The schema in SQL ( This part cover what is schema and how to create and implement schema )

  3. How to Create Database and Tables (This part cover how to create different databases and how to create tables under a particular database)

  4. Data Types in SQL ( This part cover what are the different data types in SQL )

  5. Constraint in SQL ( This part cover what are the different constraint in SQL and how to implement them )

  6. Practical Example ( In this part we will discuss a practical example of SQL )

  7. Create Table on a SQL Server ( This lesson cover how to create tables on a SQL server )

  8. Insert Data Into the Tables (This lesson cover how to insert data in an existing table )

  9. Update and Detele Data from a Table ( This lesson cover how to modify existing data or delete existing data and what are the problem occur at that time and how to handel them )

  10. Modify and Delete Table ( This lesson cover how to change the table description and how to remove a table from the database )

  11. Retrieve Data From Table ( This lesson cover how to fetch any particular data from one or more table based on some conditions )

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