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Learn how to make websites from scratch

HTML and CSS for beginners + Template

The ultimate course to create websites from scratch!

This course is divided in the following 3 sections:

First Section:


Learn the basics of this programming language that will allow you to add content to your website in a very easy way with simple examples.

Learn about the html sheet structure, tags, functions, and more.

Add Titles, text, images, Icons, form fields, links, and style.

Second Section:

– Css

Learn the basics of this programming language that will allow you to add style your html content.

Css is the programming language that we will use to apply colors, forms, and much more to our design.

Learn about the Css structure and syntax:

Elements, properties and values.

How to add background images, Background colors, text color, font size, margins and paddings.

Style your link buttons and menu.

Learn about the position element, stack position, float, width and height and another properties

Third Section:

– First Template

Apply all what you have learned so far (Html and Css) to your first website by creating a minimalist architecture template with background images, Titles and text, buttons with links, menu with links, contact form with text area and inputs, Info section with text, and social media icons.

Let’s get start it!

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