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Learn Basics of HTML

In this course you will be able to build a basic html website.

Are you planning to start your career in web development? Do you want to develop websites? but do not have any idea where to start?

If yes, then this is the perfect course for you. In the HTML course, you will learn all the concepts of HTML5, starting from its history to its modern structure. We will cover all the tags which are most widely used in the world of web development. We have covered all the basic fundaments of web development.

What you will learn after this course?

After this course you will be able to know the basics of HTML, and how a website is structured, what is the purpose of head, title tags, where our website content goes, and how we can create lists for example what is order list, and how we can use it, and what is an un-order list, and similarly we have also converted how we can insert images in websites, how we can adjust image width height and what are alt tags and why we use them.

Why learn HTML?

HTML is at the Core of the Internet. Learning HTML and CSS allows you to build your own websites, gives you a skill which you can use to improve work at your current Job, and also opens up an opportunity to transition into a Career in tech and :
1. HTML is Easy to Learn and Use
2. HTML is Free
3. HTML is supported by all Browsers
4. HTML is Basic of all Programming Language

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners who are new to Web Development

  • Freshers who want to learn HTML5 from scratch

  • Web Developers who wish to brush up their knowledge of HTML5

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