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Java Crash Course for Complete Beginner

Take your first step in becoming a programmer

This course is considered as your first step in understanding computer science and becoming a programmer. The course focuses more on the practical side, and it will be updated with new lessons and exercises on a frequent basis near in the future. The full version of the course will introduce you to the concept of Variables, If-Statements, Loops, and arrays.

The course will introduce you with a high number of exercises in all the topics covered in the course. Because inorder to enhance your programming skills you need to practice as much as possible.

To learn any programming languages or frameworks in the future you need to have the basics and the fundementals of programming which we will cover in this course. In addition, enrolling in this course will grant you the access to contact me if you faced any issue throughout the course, and I will be more than happy to help and share my knowledge with you.

At the end, this course is just an introduction, do not expect that you will land a job in Google after finishing it. It just make you prepared to choose which path to take as a programmers such as, web-developer, mobile-developer and game developer.

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