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Interview Starters : Python

We will be solving and discussing some of the actual interviews questions asked commonly.

We will see some frequently asked questions from  Actual Interviews, and build solutions on them in a Systematic way.

We will cover questions based on the simplest approach first, then try to think of more optimal solutions as the Course Progresses,

The Central Idea is to practice different ways on a single problem and think of better solutions, Keep up with me, We will together get the things done and it would be fun to learn.

I would be using Python 3 as the Programming Language, However, you are free to use any language you want because the concept remains the same, For python users, I would be using PyCharm, You can Install Pycharm for the same.

We would be discussing several coding techniques

Anyone with a basic background in programming can take this course, Even if you are a complete Beginner.

I would suggest you keep practicing as this is the only way to understand things better, you can use any coding platform, just keep the consistency and commitment, and you will rock, that I guarantee.

I have collected questions from actual interviews and also from LeetCode and similar coding platforms, You will have a single place for all of the questions to practice and discuss.

For any queries, you can mail me at thehbprince@protonmail.com,  or drop the query in the course links too.

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