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HTML Canvas Crash Course for Beginners

How to use HTML, CSS and vanilla JavaScript to create beautiful interactive animations for your website.

From HTML5 canvas basics to beautiful particle systems in one video. Do you want to master Front End Web Development this year? Then this tutorial is for you! 🙂 We will go from important fundamentals to digital art, let me show you the real power of vanilla JavaScript in this HTML5 canvas crash course for beginners!

Today we will learn HTML5 canvas by creating a drawing app, interactive particle system, mouse trail and beautiful constellations effect that was made popular by Particles.js library, but we will use no libraries. We will code everything completely from scratch, to get fundamental understanding of vanilla JavaScript and HTML canvas element. I will write the code with you step by step, and I hope you get some value today and get yourself one step closer to achieving your self development goals!

I made this HTML5 canvas tutorial for beginners to clarify common coding techniques and hopefully inspire you to keep learning JavaScript. Learning canvas can be easy, if you’re having fun. When you understand it’s principles, all your creative coding, generative art and game development ideas will come to life!

I make web animation courses, from basics to advanced. Let’s build beautiful things together while learning JavaScript! This tutorial is aimed at JavaScript beginners, but some basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and JS is expected. I’m new to teaching, please let me know your feedback, anything you can tell me helps me to improve 🙂

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