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How to Install Oracle 19c database on Oracle Linux 7.3

Step-by-step Installation of Oracle 19c database

There are some new features that come with Oracle 19c. One of the feature during installation is Root Scripts Automation Support for Oracle Database Installation

Starting with Oracle Database 19c, the database installer, or setup wizard, provides options to set up permissions to run the root configuration scripts automatically, as required, during a database installation. You continue to have the option to run the root configuration scripts manually.

Setting up permissions for root configuration scripts to run without user intervention can simplify database installation and help avoid inadvertent permission errors.

There is some change on the Operating System Package Names. To simplify the installation of operating system packages required for an Oracle Database and Oracle Grid Infrastructure installation on Linux, starting with 19c, only the operating system package names will be listed and not the exact package version. Install or update to the latest version of these packages from the minimum supported Linux distribution. Only packages that are officially released by Oracle or your operating system vendor are supported.

These is a hands on step-by-step installation of the Oracle 19c Database. I will be excited to be able to help you quickly setup your Oracle database as you plan to learn and understand Oracle Database Technology.

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