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Hosting your static website on Amazon AWS S3 service

steps to host your static website on Amazon S3 with very low cost (less than 1Dollar/m) and very fast without any server

Do you need to host your static website for your company or private use on number one cloud company with very low cost about 1 $/month with high available and very fast storage also in very easy way. amazon S3 enable you to host your static website without any server or any resources to manage and very simple configuration only you need to create and configure s3 bucket and enable static website hosting then upload your website content to s3 bucket.

on Hosting a static website on Amazon S3 course we will take idea about Amazon AWS and Amazon S3 (simple storage service), and we will learn how configure amazon s3 to host your static website from A to Z using you own domain. also you will learn How to integrate your static website with amazon cloudfront to enable loading your website very fast and enable secure access to your website throw HTTPS.

This course will be supported with many labs to understand the course very will and to be able to host your static website by your self.

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