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[Hindi] PCB Designing with OrCad 17.2 [2021]

Schematic in OrCAD Capture CIS, Printed Circuit Board, BOM,Footprints, 3D Model,Routing and Gerber files for Arduino UNO

✈✈✈✈✈✈✈  This is Latest & New course for Beginners  ✈✈✈✈✈✈✈

Course No – 1 (Part -1) [Current Course]


1. How to install OrCad 17.2

2. Introduction to OrCad Capture CIS

3. Learn to Design First schematic

4. How to assign Component Footprints

5. Annotation, DRC and Board File for PCB Editor

NOTE – All Students must send confirmation message to me , who are interested in next course (Course No – 1 (Part -2))

             Students can also send confirmation on rajandhanju9430@gmail.com

Course No – 1 (Part -2) [Next Part of Current Course]


1. Introduction to PCB Editor

2. How to Load Board File

3. How to setup Environment for First PCB Design

4. How to setup Constraint Manager (PCB Rules)

5. How to Place Components on PCB Board

6. Reference Designator Setup

7. Routing Strategies

8. how to start Routing

9. Board Outline

10. Gerber Files and NC Drill Files

11. Introduction to Pad-Stack Editor

12. How to create own footprints

Course No 2 – (Advanced) [ Design Arduino UNO Schematic & PCB (with 3D Model) ]

Project 2: Learn to design Schematic & PCB for Arduino UNO (includes multiple schematic pages, Off page connectors, search parts from Digi-Key, Professional Bill of material, Smart PDF for Schematic, How to download custom footprints , How to create 3D Model etc )

This course is complete & detailed walk through of industry leading PCB  Design software.This course will help to develop a fundamentals in OrCAD, leading to better PCB design practices and skills.  After completion of this course you will have skill and useful resources to design your own custom PCB’s.

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