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GraphQL – Beginner’s course

Good start for understanding GraphQL

Hi and welcome to the full beginner’s course where you can learn how to use GraphQL for making a nice API. Why GraphQL? For now, it’s one of the coolest data models that developers use to work with app databases. And I want also to say that in practice GraphQL is more useful that RESTful API. The reason for that – is that when you build requests for GraphQL you type all fields that you want to get in requests and also you make requests only to the one entry point. If you want to learn more about how it works – I recommend checking my course?

So what are we gonna learn in this course? Here are some main these of the course:

  • How to build GraphQL requests

  • How to save data in the database by using GraphQL

  • How to work with MongoDB and GraphQL

  • Build a js-app that will make all requests to the GraphQL server

That’s not all that are we gonna do in this course? Cause we also gonna write a small, but a nice app that will work with our MongoDB cluster. And also I want to add that many developers use GraphQL for their own js-app – the reason is simple, it’s not hard to set up GraphQL on the server.

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