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GODOT: Video games math

Turn-based game as example for games math

Course is a good possibility for total Godot beginner to learn about Godot game engine IDE and GDScript are explained in a step by step learning process. Game objects in Godot are nodes, in this course nodes explained are: Node2D, Button, Sprite, Label, Tilemap and AnimationPlayer. Coding with GDScript are also explained in a manner good for beginner understanding. At the course end you will be able to create and code good game elements for turn-based game and understand lot of Game Math.

Course is for total beginners, so at the course start you will learn how to download Godot game engine, and how to set it properly. After that you will create new game project and game scene. Also you will learn how to set you first GDScript. Game example for this course is a turn-based game, so in a beginning you will learn to create some simple game elements. Tilemap will allow you to easily add similar graphic elements.

Button node will be used as game path elements for point click movement. After, you will create sprite character and movement for it. Lot’s of coding will expect you in this part of course, but after a while you will be able to create some complex codes based on simple elements. At the course end you will have many good game elements for turn-based video game.

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