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Getting Started with Media Queries in CSS

Be a media query wizard and master advance concepts in under 2 hours

Web Development has become the necessity & web developers have become the new rock stars of this digital world. Considering all the users, seamless user experience is an absolute expectation from all the web developers.

These days, there is a myriad of screen types and sizes that makes it important for all web developers to create website pages that are adaptive to this need. Considering this, we have curated this exclusive course that will help you in solving all your queries revolving around media queries. It will help you in creating responsive web pages in no-time.

At first, you will learn about all the fundamentals of liquid/fluid responsive design philosophy which is followed by several real-time examples for complete learning. Later on, you will explore various concepts that will help you in learning the right way of using media queries. After this, it will also teach you to write media queries by giving you insights into each of the 4 parameters of the syntax of a media query. Each one of these parameters is followed by a practical example for maximum assimilation.

In the end, this online tutorial on media query also includes several quizzes at the end of each section to test your knowledge & skills. To put it all together, it is a perfect resource packed with everything that you will require to understand and master media queries for building responsive web pages.

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