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free web accessibility introduction

accessibility laws and screen reader testing

This course is a free crash course in accessibility.

You will learn about assistive technology and learn about the basic tools of accessibility testing.


Be able to define accessibility.

Explain why accessibility is important.

Be able to define assistive technology.

Able to define what a screen reader does.

Able to explain how a screen reader works.

Able to define screen magnifier.

Able to explain how they work.

Define manual testing.

Explain the importance of manual testing.

Explain the best way to perform manual testing.

Able to define accessibility checker.

Able to understand when you would use an accessibility checker.

Explain what 508 is and who has to comply.

Explain what wcag2.0 is and who has to comply.

Explain the ADA and who has to comply.

Be able to explain a general process of making accessibility reports.

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