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Free Salsa & Bachata Dance Videos

Taster of content across all our courses

A variety of videos show course content from the Dance library.

Ladies Salsa Styling Beginner to Advanced

Ladies Bachata Styling Beginners to Advanced

Salsa Partnerwork Beginners to Advanced

Bachata Partnerwork Beginners to  Advanced

Body Isolation and Body Rolls  & Stretching For Dancers – All levels

and many demo Salsa & Bachata samples from our clubs

  • Learn our awarding winning Incognito Online methodology

  • Learn at your own pace and convenience. We make sure you get the maximum out of every minute you invest.

  • We know people have very busy lives and hectic schedules, so these courses are designed to suit everybody. We are fully aware that people learn a different pace. So these courses are perfect for everyone.

  • Each course has a series of concise videos to help you learn in the fastest possible way. We have used all our experience to pack together with the most essential techniques, purpose-built to help you learn superfast.

  • Each course program is made to help you learn progressively and develop in a smart and inefficient way.

  • Using our unique core technique systems and methodology you will benefit from every single minute of these courses.

  • Each course is equivalent to learning 3 to 6 months of regular classes in clubs or private lessons.

?‍♂️ Specifically designed to make you learn quick

‼️ Over 60 hours of on-demand classes

? Professionally filmed and edited

? Sign up now and save big

? From Beginners To Advance levels

? Using our unique core technique system and methodology, you will benefit from every single minute of these courses.

? Excellent value for money – each course is the equivalent of 3-6 months of normal lessons

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