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Fix an average SDET resume to be shortlisted+ Interview tips

Quick course on important aspects of professional resume preparation+ Interview pointers for SDET/Automation Job seekers

Objective behind creating this course:

Most job seekers spend a lot of time in learning, practicing and applying for the Jobs.  But frankly not much effort is put into the resume preparation. My objective is to have this short course that should help make your resume not to look like some copy and paste work, but instead make it look more professional and reflect your true skills.

Your resume is the first impression about you for a recuiter whoever is looking at it, hence please make sure you spend right amount of time in its preparation if you’re really serious about expecting an interview call.

Every candidate and his/her skills and experience are different from others, focus on what are your strengths, skillset and experienced areas which are your selling points and make sure you present those points in your resume appropriately.

This is my quick effort to make you look back into your resume and make it look more professional.

-Gud luck

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