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Fantastic Worlds iOS Starter Kit Setup Guide

Learn how to integrate Tiled, and change simple properties to create a top down, side scroller or isometric game.

This free video documentation is coming to Udemy’s great platform to give users of CartoonSmart’s Fantastic Worlds iOS Starter Kit, a virtual home to ask questions on the course board and have them answered by the kit’s author (great questions deserving of a video response will get one).

Learn how to make an iOS app for either the iPad or iPhone, without writing ANY code. You’ll see how to design levels graphically with Tiled, and enter simple values to setup the parameters of your own top-down view, side scrolling or isometric world. Features include: a team of players, physics based worlds, animated enemies, weapons, equitable inventory, collectibles, in-game currency, In-App Purchase and Parental Gates, and much more. The kit is not provided with this free documentation.

Kit modifiers should also be sure to download the free iBooks format documentation, available here. This gorgeous format is 170 pages long, includes details on every property, and has links within the book to related reading.

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