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Elementor Page Builder – Complete Beginner’s Guide

Learn How to Use the Elementor Page Builder to Create a WordPress Website!

This course will teach you how to use the Elementor Page Builder.

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to the Elementor Page Builder. This course is designed for beginners and will provide a basic understanding of Elementor and its features. I show you how to install Elementor, navigate the Elementor menu, how to add sections, edit existing sections, and more.

Why Take This Course?

  • It’s 100% FREE – Why spend money on something that you can learn for FREE?

  • I make it extremely easy-to-learn with my step-by-step explanations. This is a Complete Beginner’s Guide!

  • Learn from a Professional who has been creating WordPress Websites for Years.

  • Elementor will make your life a lot easier. Learn to use the best WordPress Page Builder in no-time.

In this free video course, I walk you through everything step-by-step. I put myself in my student’s shoes to ensure they know everything they need to know to get started. If you’re looking for extremely detailed lectures that will help you fully understand how to create your own website, look no further!

Please note: This course is actually ~19 minutes in length. The remaining 19/38 minutes is the entire course in one video. So if you prefer to watch the entire course in one-go, you have that option. Thank you and I hope you enjoy the course!

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