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Easy and Quick Python Programming for Kids-Foundation Course

Fun and friendly way of programming for kids

Easy and Quick Python Programming for Kids course is designed specially for kids interested to learn programming language. Use of images and easy way of explanation makes learning fun and friendly.

All programs are divided in to smaller chunks and provide detailed steps to run the program to get the expected results ,so that Kids can do the programming independently.

This course ensure to cover Foundation for Python 3 programming.

Note: The course is intended for purchase by parents for Kids.

  • Fun and friendly way of programming for kids

  • Simple to understand format is specialty of the book.

  • Learn latest Python 3 programming concepts

  • Python programming syntax explained with images.

  • Lots of real-life programs along with complete demo.

  • Best course to learn and prepare for School and college exams

Course content :

Session 1)Writing print statements, Assigning values to variables, add comment in to the program

Session 2)Types of Variables, Separator keyword to print multiple variables ,Input keyword to take input from user

Session 3)Write a program with Arithmetic Operators , Assignment, Comparison and Logical Operators

Session 4)String Operations ,String Indexing and String slicing

Session 5)String Joining , String Multiplication, String Methods , Format method to print strings

Session 6)Conditional operators , Use of IF ,Else ,Elif statements

Session 7)For loop syntax and use , For loop with step , For loop with end keyword

Session 8)Tools setup : Python installation , Anaconda Installation, Jupiter Editor

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