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Digital electronics and logic Design and its implementation

Sequential Logic Design

Welcome to the course on Digital Electronics and Logic Design and its implementation.I Ms Namrata Pagare working as Assistant Professor in Department of Computer Engineering,K.K.Wagh Institute Engineering Education and Research. I have keen interest in subject of Digital Electronics and Logic Design and love to design and implement the circuits.

Digital Electronics is a subject which is more about Implementation. So this course is about providing hands-on experience in implementing circuits without any hardware requirements.

This course will not only give you theoretical understanding of Sequential circuit concepts but  it will improve your confidence in designing and developing systems.

This course will definitely boost your interest in the field of digital electronics and Logic Design.

You will learn following concepts in this course

Fundamentals of sequential circuits.

Types of FLIP-FLOPs and its Conversion from one type to another

Designing and implementing Asynchronous Sequential Circuits

Designing and implementing Synchronous Sequential Circuits

This course will help all types of students keen on learning sequential logic concepts and have experience of implementation.

The demonstration is done in very clear and simple manner for building the interest of students.

After completing this course you will be able to design and simulate  digital electronic circuits.

Free online  simulation software tool i.e Circuitverse is used implementing circuits.

I wish you all the best for course.

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