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Develop Database Application with Minimal Coding – Kushal

Simple Software to Design, Develop Database Application with Minimal Coding

         Coding an Application is not everyone’s cup of tea. 

         Using Kushal you can develop a Database Application with Minimal Coding. 

         You just need to know about preparing Database and SQL 

         If you feel developing database applications take a lot of time, not to worry you are in right place. 

         This tutorial will help you understand how to create a simple database and develop a database application without manual coding. 

         At the end of this training you will be able to: 

         1. Understand how to Create a Database from Excel

         2. How to create Complete Software – Including Coding, Testing, Documentation, Installation Building using Kushal

         3. You will become familiar with Kushal registration and procurement. 

         Whether you are a student, database administrator, tester, graduate, application developer, excel expert or advanced computer user. 

         In 9 Sections of around 4 minutes each, we will go from scratch to develop fully functional contact management software. 

  Happy learning  !!! 


  ERachana Technologies. 

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