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Day to Day activities of Oracle Cloud DBA

OCI topics

All Cloud DBA’s should be familiar with below topics

1. Launching Bare Metal and Virtual Compute Instances

2. Advanced Database

3. Architecting Best Practices

4. Networking

5. Storage

6. Instantiating a Load Balancer

7. Advanced Networking Concepts

8. Identity and Access Management

9. Compute

10. Database

Migration Topics

Introduction to OCI, VCN, Storages, Compute Instance, DBCS/ExaCS/Exadata, Autonomous Database, Load Balancer

Migrate E-business Suite to OCI

Migrate E-business Suite to Exadata

DataGaurd setup in OCI – switchover, failover, reinstate

Database Migration Techniques

IP Sec VPN Setup

Migrate database to OCI using Object Storage

Migrate On-Premise Database to OC Using Datapump Transport Tablespace

Migrate On-Premises Database Using a Standalone Backup

Installing Zero Downtime Migration Software

Migrating a database to OCI with Zero Downtime Migration

Cross Platform migrations

Migrate using plug and unplug

EBS Cloud manager

EBS Cloud Backup module

Configure standby database on exadata cloud

Configure Application Tier on compute

Transparent Data Encrption (TDE)

Migrate database using RMAN

Data Transfer appliance


Migration database to Autonomous database

Database Topics

Oracle Database Cloud for DBAs on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. 2

Register For Oracle Cloud Free Tier Account 2

Networking. 2

Configure Network For VM/BM DB System.. 2

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Essentials 2

Setting Up PuTTY on Your Local Windows System.. 2

Installing Oracle SQL Developer on Your Local Windows System.. 2

Exploring the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console. 2

Creating and Managing Bare Metal and Virtual Machine DB Systems. 2

Generating SSH Keys. 2

Creating a Virtual Cloud Network (VCN) 2

Creating a Virtual Machine DB System.. 2

Provisioning Autonomous Database on Cloud. 2

Create & Access Autonomous Database In OCI 2

Cloning Autonomous DB. 2

Connecting to a DB System on OCI 2

Updating and Configuring a DB System on OCI 3

Patching VM DB System.. 3


Configuring and Monitoring a Database on OCI 3

Backing Up and Recovering a Database on OCI 3

Migrate On-Premise Database To OCI 3

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