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Data Visualization using Tableau

Tableau Fundamental the beginner to intermediate Tableau user

Tableau Fundamental the beginner to intermediate Tableau user, targeted towards anyone who works with data – regardless of technical or analytical background. This course helps you implement important concepts, techniques & admin activities in Tableau. Move from simple to complex visualizations and combine them in interactive dashboards.

What you will learn

· What is Visualization?

· What Is Dashboard?

· Why Tableau?

· Comparison of Tableau with other tools

· Limitations of Tableau

· Tableau Desktop, Server, and the Tableau Product Line

· Application Terminology

· Connecting to data – Basics

· Editing Data connections and data sources

· Editing Metadata and saving data sources

· Joins in Tableau

· Data Source level Filters

· Connecting to Oracle, SQL Server, Google Analytics, Different RDBMS Databases

· Connecting to Big Databases like HDFS, Hive, Greenplum, Teradata

· Calling Stored Procedure in Tableau

· Join Types

· Custom SQLs

· Getting Started in Tableau Desktop

· Elements of Visualization

· Understanding of Dimensions & Measures

· Basic Graphs (Bar Chart, Stacked Bar Chart, Line Chart, Area Chart, Pie Chart, Filled Maps Symbol Maps, Scatter Plots, Trend Line, Bullet Chart, Part to Whole Char)

· Dual Axis Graphs( Dual line chart, + Side by side bar chart, + Donut Chart, + Map and Pie Chart, + Map and Donut Chart, + Bar in Bar Chart, + Bar & Circle Chart)

· Data Filtering

· Data Blending and Joins

· Connection Types

·Dashboard Creation

· Sharing Your Work

· Dashboard Best Practices

· Story Telling

·· Publishing Data: –


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