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Data Science 101 Data Analytics Class Python Bootcamp NYC

Data Science 101 Data Analytics Class Python Pandas Bootcamp (Non Programmers & Beginners at Wall Street NYC, New York)

Data Science 101: Python Pandas Bootcamp Data Analytics Course

This course is based on my classes taken in NYC for introducing basics of Data Analytics in Python using Pandas.

The course is not intended to make your expert in Python Analytics but rather introduce you to simple code and give you basic intro of all topics in Data Analytics in Python to launch you into a career in Data Science.


  1. Learn Python for Analytics: Pandas

  2. Pandas Objects are Series, DataFrames and comparison with Excel VBA

  3. Creating DataFrames from scratch using dictionary or list

  4. Data Cleaning & Preparation for Analysis – Missing Values, Data imputation

  5. Aggregation, Wrangling Rearranging and reshaping data : Join, Combine, Pivot, Melt and Reshape

  6. Data Manipulating DataFrames with Pandas

  7. Time Series Data – String to Datetime

  8. Visualizations with Matplotlib

    This course is build based on my classes taken in NYC, New York

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