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Data Analysis on AWS- Glue, Athena, Quicksight

Learn to create Glue Crawler, run SQL queries in Athena and create Visualization Charts using AWS Quicksight

In this course, you would learn about various cloud services on Amazon Web Services or AWS Cloud computing platform. Here you will learn to perform Data Analysis on a dataset to find various insights that can be used in taking critical decisions based on the data. There are various methods for Data Analysis. You can write SQL queries to find relevant information from a dataset stored in a database. You could also use Business Intelligence tools such as AWS Quicksight to create Visualization charts and Analytics report that can also be used to present insights in visually appealing way using colorful charts with creative parameters.

In this course you would be learning various AWS Analytics services as below-

  • AWS Glue

  • Amazon Athena

  • AWS Quicksight

There are various steps involved from data preparation and cleaning, to analysis and visualization. Here in this course, you would learn to create a Crawler using AWS Glue that can span through the dataset kept in Amazon S3 or DynamoDB and detect the schema. This crawler could be used to create a database where you can run SQL queries using AWS Athena for finding insights based on certain conditions and parameters defined. You could also customize records in a table using SQL queries and perform other operations as well. SQL is a Structured Query Language that is widely used for Data Analysis on databases, and we can use the same on AWS cloud computing platform.

Moreover, you will also learn to create visualization charts and BI reports using AWS Quicksight. You will learn to create various kinds of Visualization charts in Quicksight such as Treemap, word cloud, bar, pie chart and much more. You would also learn to prepare your dataset before creating Visualization charts.

All these skills when combined together can be used for Data Science projects as well.

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