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CSS Hacking – 12 Innovative Challenges – 2022 UPDATE

Beat your score in cssbattle dev . Learn how to use CSS in ways you haven’t used before. Innovate and hack your CSS

In this course you will learn unique approaches to CSS you haven’t tought of yet. I will be going though the first 12 challenges of cssbattle . dev and try to beat my own high-score. You’ll get all of the solution, plus some of the best solution even I myself couldn’t come up with.

I will be covering the following CSS tricks:

  • Using box-shadow multiple times with inset

  • Clip-path to delete unnecessary borders

  • Creative borders

  • Background on html/body elements

  • radial-gradient and conic-gradient

  • and many many more

Join me in this fun and whacky course we’re the goal is to really innovate CSS to new heights. ( and widths …. get it ?)

I cant wait to see you inside and blow your mind!

Benefits of taking this course:

  • Ability to impress your colleagues

  • Blow the mind of your college professors

  • Challenge yourself and your friends with crazy CSS challenges

  • Improve your problem solving brain

  • Get a ton of practice for your CSS skills

  • Become a creative front-end developers

Learn from a full-time senior professional who works for the TOP companies in the world.

You are in right hands!

Lets now have some FUN

and learn unique tricks with your CSS while improving our problem solving skills together

Beat your score in CSSbattle dot dev .

Learn how to use CSS in ways you haven’t used before. Innovate and hack your CSS

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