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Create a Hospital Website in WordPress with Elementor

Enhance your knowledge in WordPress

Hello Students, I hope you are excited to learn something new in WordPress. In this course, I will be showing you how you can create a hospital website in WordPress using elementor and elementor pro.

We will be creating a total of 05 pages, Step by step. The pages include- Home, About, Blog, Contact, and Appointments. You will be creating a custom slider using Slider Revolution Plugin. I will show you in detail that how you can create a slider in this plugin. Then, We will use elementor to design the pages on the website.

For the appointments, We will be using the Fluent Forms pro plugin. We will be creating appointment form from scratch. This will help to capture the appointments from website. Then, We will design the blog page and I will show you an easy way to create the blogs in elementor.

Lecures in this course:

  • General WordPress Setting

  • Themes Installation

  • Menus Creation

  • Header Creation

  • Footer Creation

  • Slider with Slider Revolution

  • Pages Design using Elementor Page builder

  • Appintmnet forms using Fluent forms Pro

Who Can Join The Course?

This is a comprehensive course. Students of Beginner and intermediate levels in WordPress are welcome to join the course and enhance their knowledge in WordPress.

If you are interested and willing to enhance your knowlege then please enroll in course. I am excited to share my knowledge with you.

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